WW2 relics at Stainton Grove Military Camp, Barnard Castle, DL12 8UJ, UK

Regiments that have been here (Barnard Castle Camps)

The first occupants
1946 aerial photograph of Stainton and Blackbeck Camps
A post war plan of Stainton Camp
Military Heritage Trail
Stainton Grove - The Military Camp
Barnard Castle - A Military Town
Royal Armoured Corps - From Stainton Grove to El Alamein
Life on the Home Front
Stainton Grove Military Camp - After the War
Gilbert Knott - 1946 Photographs
People who were here - Ray Smith
People who were here - Brian Nimick
People who were here - Walter Cowans and family
People who were here - Mike Rolls and family
First four civilian families 1979
People who were here - Eddie Connelly
People who were here - Martin McKechnie
People who were here - Len Rogers
People who were here - Mrs Deasey
People who were here - Neil Turner
People who were here - Mike Linden
People who were here - Edward George Howard
People who were here - Joan Leslie
People who were here - Josef Dagner
People who were here - Alan Armstrong
People who were here - Fred Burgess
People who were here - Ray Turner
People who were at Barford - Frank Barry
People who were at Barford - George Yalden
People who were at Barford - Barrie Corkill
People who were at Streatlam - George Carpenter and John Smailes
People who were at Streatlam - Terry Rourke-
People who were at Streatlam - Eddie Wolfenden
People who were at Streatlam - Ken Keld
People who were at Streatlam - Tom Waller
People who were at Streatlam - Stan Sudron
People who were in the area - A. Leslie Palmer
People who were in the area - Tomas Morgan
People who were in the area - Nigel Fletcher
Local Memories - Margaret Teward
St. Mary's R.C. School
Tank Tracks
The Gatehouse
Romney / Nissen Huts
More Huts
Even More Huts
Southern Edge
The Green
The Aliwal Cinema
Blackbeck POW Camp
Warcop Camp
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Celebration Event 1st November 2008
Celebration Event - photos
Celebration Event - wartime recipes
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Horse Guards

54th  Royal Armoured Corps (training) - graduates went on to Liverpool or Gouroch (Scotland) and then out to various destinations to fight. 

Lancashire Fusiliers 1950 Deerbolt

Green Howards 2nd Battalion April 22 1952 -  2 April 1953 Streatlam  - then to Suez 

Green Howards 2nd Battalion 1953 Barford (when Battalion was set up)

Loyals Battalion 1963 – 65 Deerbolt

54th Armoured Corp – Deerbolt 1943 (left on D-Day plus 4)

Black Watch – twice 1956 and 1959(?) - Westwick

Gloucestershires – back after Korea

South Welsh Borders based first but no camp here until 1942 – lived in the old Ullathorne Mill by the County Bridge until Stainton Camp built

Scots Regiment - 51st

7th Hussars Streatlam 1947 (for two years)

Cheshire regiment 1949 Streatlam

7th Hussars 1940-41 Stainton

Blackwatch 1940-41 Stainton

Yorks and Lancs 1944 Deerbolt  

King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry came to Barford in 1951

South Staffordshire straight after Dunkirk


Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) - Deerbolt

Royal Northumberland Fusiliers Deerbolt from October 1952 to ? 

112th light Ack Reg RA

Streatlam and Stainton purely 54th training regiments RAC 1947

2nd Battalion DLI formed 1953 at Deerbolt - 1st and 2nd Regiments amalgamated in 1956. Also said to be there in 1952.
Light Infantry Brigade WW2
12th Royal Lancers, an R.A.C. training regiment - Barford
58th medium regiment, Royal Artillary - Barford

5 Ordnance Field Park RAOC at Stainton 1970 to 1971 - later become 6 OFP and moved to Menden in Germany in Feb 1971 

Durham Light Infantry during WW2
2nd Field Regiment RA were stationed here from 1968 - 1971
59th Training Regt., RAC was at Deerbolt in 1947
also said to be at Barford in 1946
58 Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery
24 Airportable Brigade HQ & Signal Squadron, 1970 -1972
A detachment from 223 Fdamb (V) was based at Stainton Grove from 1986 to 1996 when it was disbanded
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 1970
61st training regiment (Hussars?) at Streatlam
RHQ Squadron, RAC was at Streatlam
11th Hussars at Barford, 1945 - 47
62nd Royal Armoured Corps (training), at Carlisle?
The South Lancashire Regiment, Streatlam Camp. 1955 - 1956  then to Berlin
The Cheshire Regiment came to Streatlam Camp from Berlin, 1956
11th Hussars (PAO) Prince Alberts Own, c 1944

Green Howards 1st Battalion November 1952 - March 1953 Humbleton on return from Malaya and at Streatlam in early sixties

1st battalion The Duke of Wellingtons at Streatlam in the sixties

A Company 2nd Green Howards, Streatlam Camp, 1952

The Duke of Wellingtons Regiment, Streatlam Camp to Korea late 1952

The York and Lancaster Regiment served at Barnard Castle, 1957.
Kings Own Royal Borders

2nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery, 1971

6th Inf. Brigade re-located (to Streatlam Camp) rom the York Barracks in Munster  W/Germany

Royal Corps of Signals; 6 Infantry Brigade Headquarter and Signal Squadron, which became 6 Armoured Brigade H Q & Signal Squadron (1968 - 1969)

1 Durham Light Infantry, 1957

1st Battalion East Surrey

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Our heritage is who we are today; we are the only ones who can protect it.


The Memories of Stainton Grove Military Camp Project was one of a number of community-led projects along and nearby the route of the proposed South West Durham Heritage Corridor. 


The South West Durham Heritage Corridor will be a multi-user route along the former Bishop Auckland to Barnard Castle railway line. 

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The Memories of Stainton Grove Military Camp Project is being led by Stainton Grove Community Association and coordinated by Groundwork West Durham and Darlington. It is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund through the 'Your Heritage' grant programme.


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