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1946 aerial photograph of Stainton and Blackbeck Camps
A post war plan of Stainton Camp
Military Heritage Trail
Stainton Grove - The Military Camp
Barnard Castle - A Military Town
Royal Armoured Corps - From Stainton Grove to El Alamein
Life on the Home Front
Stainton Grove Military Camp - After the War
Gilbert Knott - 1946 Photographs
People who were here - Ray Smith
People who were here - Brian Nimick
People who were here - Walter Cowans and family
People who were here - Mike Rolls and family
First four civilian families 1979
People who were here - Eddie Connelly
People who were here - Martin McKechnie
People who were here - Len Rogers
People who were here - Mrs Deasey
People who were here - Neil Turner
People who were here - Mike Linden
People who were here - Edward George Howard
People who were here - Joan Leslie
People who were here - Josef Dagner
People who were here - Alan Armstrong
People who were here - Fred Burgess
People who were here - Ray Turner
People who were at Barford - Frank Barry
People who were at Barford - George Yalden
People who were at Barford - Barrie Corkill
People who were at Streatlam - George Carpenter and John Smailes
People who were at Streatlam - Terry Rourke-
People who were at Streatlam - Eddie Wolfenden
People who were at Streatlam - Ken Keld
People who were at Streatlam - Tom Waller
People who were at Streatlam - Stan Sudron
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People who were in the area - Tomas Morgan
People who were in the area - Nigel Fletcher
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"Stainton Camp in World War 2"


Pupils from St. Mary's R.C. School used research to find out about Stainton Camp and Barnard Castle during the war.  Some of this research was used in their design of the panel ‘Life on the Home Front’ which can be seen on the tank tracks.  It is one of five panels along a new Military Heritage Trail around the site of the former Stainton Camp.

The pupils' panel 'Life on the Home Front' is sited along this tank track.


The pupils made presentations as part of this joint project and these were shown at a street party for the members of the Stainton Grove Luncheon Club (part of Teesdale Day Clubs).

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Schoolchildren to hold Second World War street party

11:59am Monday 11th February 2008

FIFTY youngsters are getting ready to celebrate the end of the Second World War by holding a street party at their school with songs, food and clothes from the Forties.

Their mothers have been given old recipes to prepare cakes, scones and sandwiches for the party on Friday at St Mary's Primary School, in Barnard Castle.

The pupils have been gathering facts about the war to fit in with a history project being carried out at nearby Stainton army camp, which was a battle training base during the hostilities.

Headteacher Liz Heffernan said: "They have all enjoyed learning about the war, so we felt it only right to round off our work with an old-fashioned street party.

"A lot of mothers will be using old recipes to prepare authentic party food from that era, so it should be a really exciting event.

We are all looking forward to it."

The children have collected details about local people who served in the forces, women who were in the Land Army, military bases in the area and evacuees who arrived from industrial towns.

They are making flags and banners for the party, studying battlefield poetry and learning wartime songs.

Teacher Paul Tucker, who is leading the project, said: "Some of the children have relatives who served in the war, so they were keen to find out what conditions were like in those days."

Anyone who has photographs, ration books or other relics from the war years is being invited to lend them to the school so they can be put on show on the party day. Former service people and evacuees will also be welcome.


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School's trip back to the Forties for party

12:32pm Wednesday 13th February 2008

A SCHOOL in Barnard Castle will take a step back in time on Friday, when it hosts an authentic street party.

Pupils at St Mary's RC School are hoping to use the event to gather information and memories about the Second World War for a school project.

Residents of nearby Stainton Grove and neighbours of the school have been invited to the party to help make the event as real as possible.

The information gathered will go towards the Heritage Lottery funded Memories of Stainton Grove project, led by Stainton Grove Community Association.

The year-long project, due to be completed in September, aims to interpret the history of Stainton Grove Military Camp by installing permanent information panels around the village.

The research St Mary's School has carried out will go towards producing one of the panels entitled, Life on the Home Front.

Headteacher Liz Heffernan said: "The children are very enthusiastic about this topic. They have been involving family and friends and have brought in many artefacts. They have made identity cards, ration books, propaganda posters and models of army camps and Anderson shelters.

These will all be on show on the day of the street party."

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Our heritage is who we are today; we are the only ones who can protect it.


The Memories of Stainton Grove Military Camp Project was one of a number of community-led projects along and nearby the route of the proposed South West Durham Heritage Corridor. 


The South West Durham Heritage Corridor will be a multi-user route along the former Bishop Auckland to Barnard Castle railway line. 

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The Memories of Stainton Grove Military Camp Project is being led by Stainton Grove Community Association and coordinated by Groundwork West Durham and Darlington. It is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund through the 'Your Heritage' grant programme.


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